7 Reasons To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

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In today’s digital world, it is important to determine what your visitors see once they visit your website using a tablet or smartphone. These are our guidelines to making your website mobile friendly so you can stay competitive in today’s on-the-go world.

1. Simplify Your Website

The first step in making a website mobile friendly is determining what to include on the site. Given the limited amount of space, it is extremely important to determine what details your visitors will most likely be searching for. It is important to make the steps involved in moving from the home page to making a purchase as easy as possible.

2. Use Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design enables you to create a website that will be easily accessible on mobile devices of all sizes. This reduces the workload website developers have to deal with when it comes to building a new website. The responsive design uses flexible layouts, images and media queries. This enables the web page to easily detect the users screen size and alter the change accordingly. Responsible design is, therefore, an integral part of mobile friendly website design.…

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Common Problems Your Web Design Team Faces

Web design broadly refers to the production and maintenance of websites. Web designers can thus be defined as the extremely skilled and qualified team of professionals who are in charge of developing, designing and maintaining these websites.

web-design - CopyWebsite designing, like any other outsourced profession involving multiple parties, has its set of challenges and these set of designers undergo a series of functional and administrative issues on a regular basis.

This article lists some challenges web designers face while working:…

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Top 5 principles to keep in mind during website designing

Web designing is known as one of the most attractive modern businesses. Apart from offering good money, this business makes people to be counted as outstanding because the web designing professionals are known to be creative, passionate and intelligent. The competition in the market of website designing is going higher day by day and getting lucrative clients continuously in this field also is a big deal. Well, here is the list of top principles that you need to follow to establish good business in this field –web-Designing-course-Chandigarh

Objective and purpose

The first principle to keep on mind when you are about to design a website is objective and purpose. Great designing always resides upon the requirement of users. So, talk to your client first about his/her requirements and move towards the same direction after understanding the objective well. Know better about big and small things of the purpose for instance, whether your readers need entertainment or information, interaction or exposure; provide them with the same thing they require from the website.

Communication webdesign

Everyone who visits a website wants quick information, so try to develop a website which is full of information. Design the layout in the way that communication can be easier in the site and articles are readable and easy to digest for readers. Use simple language until you are dealing with a really complex subject. For this purpose, you can try some effective strategies for incorporating into your website design.

Mobile friendly

Nowadays, readers are more interested in going through the mobile-friendly websites. It is definitely required in the modern time that your website should be mobile friendly. As different people open the website in different devices, you should take care of creating your website mobile-optimized too so that smart phone users can find it easy to read your website. Constructing a committed portable website or building it over a responsive layout works well always.web-designer2 - Copy

Load time

Another important thing to be taken under consideration when you are going to design a website is the load time of the site. Nobody likes a website that needs a long time to load. This is why; load time of the website plays an important role in success and failure of a website. You can make the load time more active through streamlining picture sizes, consolidating codes into a basic CSS or javascript document and minifying the javascript, HTML, CSS.

Navigation of websiteslike-1174811_1280

Navigation of the website deals with the simplicity for actions which are taken by individuals during the time they move around your website or roam in it. Some good strategies are there which can be applied during website designing for efficient navigation. You can design clickable buttons, intelligent page hierarchy and three click rule which is based upon the capacity of users to discover the information within three clicks.

So, these are the basic principles which play an important role while designing a website which is expected for a grand success. There are many other principles which can be followed for good results in this direction.


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